Why Sporting Events Are Worth Loving

Super Bowl LIII Patriots vs. Rams

Super Bowl LIII Patriots vs. Rams

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Whether you are a sports fan or not, the Super Bowl provides something for everyone. We can enjoy the game, sing along with the halftime show, critique the commercials, socialize with friends, or hide out and do something entirely different – whatever your pleasure! I will be busy getting my kids pumped for the game with yummy snacks, meatball subs – and of course, the game itself. While my team is not in the Super Bowl this year, I won’t pass up the chance to show my kids why sporting events are worth loving.

Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Given that it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…what better way to celebrate both than to express my love of football and hope that it is contagious. Sporting events are the perfect way to get out of the groundhog grind. They are a great excuse to put your feet up before entering a new week. You can sit on the couch guilt free and be as lazy as you want. Watching a football game is the perfect medicine to decompress. It’s the perfect cure for the Sunday blues and a great way to relax.

I know to some; sporting events seem somewhat insignificant and a waste of valuable time. There are more important events going on in the world around us and so many other more productive ways to use our time. Instead of spectating, we could be creating our own experiences. However, I assure you, cheering for your team whether from the couch or from the stadium is an experience in itself.

Why Sporting Events Are Worth Loving

Rooting for your team alongside your family and friends brings us joy and excitement. Cheering and dancing to a good fight song or touchdown song is a priceless kind of bonding. We get to enjoy a mutual interest while vegging out and cheering for the same team. When we root for opposing teams, we engage in lively spectator banter, which is especially enjoyable after a good win.

Sports spectating is an honor that comes with responsibility. We step out of our own lives and into an almost video game-like reality where we provide the necessary counsel to our superheroes. We cheer from our respective couches, but in this virtual reality, our team can hear us and our informed advice out in the field. When the players don’t listen, we make sure they know that too. Sports spectating is a great way to brush up on our management skills.

Big sports games are holidays. We decorate with holiday décor, dress up in our holiday jerseys and T-shirts, prepare the classic holiday junk food, and enjoy a beverage of our choosing. Then we get to eat and veg out for a 4-hour multiple snack course meal. What is not to love about that? And who doesn’t love a holiday where you don’t have to break the bank buying presents or even spending $5+ on a greeting card?

Then there is tailgating. The sacred part of the in-person holiday tradition. A delicious ritual of grilling juicy steaks; balls flying next to you as you try to eat; and everyone cheering and getting pumped up together. After the food and drinks are gone, you get to enjoy a long walk to the stadium full of spirited fans who love the same exact thing you do.

Outside of Super Bowl LIII

Outside of Super Bowl LIII

Spending time with a bunch of strangers who love the exact same thing as you do is powerful. It is an opportunity to bond with people with completely different backgrounds and views. Sporting Events bring people together who wouldn’t otherwise be in the same room or space.

So now you know why sporting events are worth loving. If I haven’t persuaded you to love football, no problem. But I leave you with this…

Find your own version of a sporting event that lets you relax on the weekends. Maybe for you, it’s attending a dance concert or a play. Maybe it’s cooking something new or collecting something old. Whatever your pleasure, enjoy. Just because we are adults, doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy our own hobbies. Treat yourself to an activity that lets you relax so you are ready to conquer a new week head-on.


Thanks for reading Why Sporting Events Are Worth Loving! Check out some great football quotes here. You will enjoy them whether you like football or not!

I want to hear from you! Do you usually watch the Super Bowl, Halftime Show, commercials, or none of the above?

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6 responses to “Why Sporting Events Are Worth Loving”

  1. Richard McGrath Avatar
    Richard McGrath

    I have many great super bowl memories. Three in particular ! !

  2. Shannon Z Sawyer Avatar
    Shannon Z Sawyer

    Is it ok if I like to get a head start on tax returns on Superbowl Sundays? Good luck to Rihanna and whoever is playing!

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      Whatever brings you joy!

  3. Kathryn Avatar

    It’s also one of the best holidays because comfy clothes are expected. Sweatpants for the win 🙂

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      You make a very good point!

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