Welcome to the Groundhog Grind!

Groundhog in grass

“The Groundhog Grind is getting stuck in a nonstop loop of endless tasks and forgetting to come up for air.”

Hello there!

Thank you so much for joining me on my new adventure of Getting out of the Groundhog Grind.

If you are anything like me, you spend each week grinding away, trying to get it all done. Whether you are a professional racing to meet a work deadline, a parent needing to get your kids fed and to the next activity, or anyone just trying to make time for a workout, almost all of us are faced with endless tasks to complete each week and a limited amount of time and resources. No matter where we are in life, most of us are feeling the grind of our monumental task list against our time pressure.

Even more, this repeats day after day and week after week until we lose sight of where our time has gone. We spend day after day racing against the clock and end up living our own version of Groundhog Day with each day repeating itself. We get caught up in the grind. With the grind comes forgetting to stop and look around at the little things in life. We even let the grind saturate those big things in life that we are supposed to be enjoying as we are too busy to appreciate them.

Enter here: The Groundhog Grind.
The Groundhog Grind is getting stuck in a nonstop loop of endless tasks and forgetting to come up for air. It’s being a little too heavy with the nose to the grindstone and not enough of the enjoying and experiencing life.

If this sounds anything like you, then I can’t wait to spend each week with you getting out of the Groundhog Grind together. Let’s find new ways to be productive, but not miss out on the good stuff.

Join me every Sunday for a friendly reminder to come up for air, take a look around, and well…smell the digital roses! I may not be able to cure your Sunday blues, but I hope by reading my blog, you can get a few more resources in your toolbox, a new perspective to ponder, or even just a few laughs and a little extra pep in your step each week.

So, let’s get our tasks accomplished, but let’s enjoy doing it. Because life is happening right now.


But before I sign off, I want to hear from you! Are you experiencing the groundhog grind? What do you do to get out of the grind?

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5 responses to “Welcome to the Groundhog Grind”

  1. Shannon Z Sawyer Avatar
    Shannon Z Sawyer

    I am so excited for this blog! Will be my new Sunday routine to come and smell the digital roses 😉

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      Thank you Shannon! We are excited to be a part of your Sunday routine!

  2. Richard McGrath Avatar
    Richard McGrath

    Can’t Wait for next Sunday !

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      Thank you Richard! We are excited too!

  3. Christopher Borden Avatar
    Christopher Borden

    Yes! We are stuck in the grind. After school softball, travel ball, private lessons, band practice; it never ends. We end up eating out or eating at 8:30 at night. Our days off we get groceries and laundry and prepare to do it all again. Help us get out of the grind!

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