Staying Present for Mother’s Day Weekend

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I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend. Personally, I took advantage of the weekend to spend some amazing time celebrating with my family. After a tough week, Mother’s Day was the perfect excuse to let go of stress and focus on being present. Staying present for Mother’s Day Weekend allowed me to make some amazing memories and to feel rejuvenated for the week ahead.

Give Yourself the Gift of Staying Present

When we have a million things to do, it is easy to let our minds get stuck on all our stressors. However, common sense tells us that holding on to that stress isn’t helpful for anyone. We all need a chance to let go, unwind, and be present in the moments that really matter.

It is one thing to spend time with people that you love and care about. It is an entirely different thing to really be present for it. This weekend I turned off the stress as best as possible and immersed myself in quality time with my family. It was filled with exploration, games, good food, and lots of outdoor time. Needless to say, staying present for Mother’s Day Weekend was the best kind of present.

The Congress Park Duck Debacle

Here are a few pictures from our visit to Congress Park, Saratoga Springs:

The Triton Pool in Congress Park, also known as Spit and Spat

The adventurous baby ducks

Several considerate visitors noticed the baby ducks were stuck in the pool with no easy exit. It seems they were having a Mother’s Day Weekend adventure with Mama Duck. The concerned visitors craftily added several ramps including this one.

Sadly, the heroic baby duck on the ramp splashed back into the pool after this picture was photographed. According to AZ Animals, ducks usually sleep floating on the water. So, while I know next to nothing about ducks, I’d like to think these ducks will be just fine.

Thank you for Reading Staying Present for Mother’s Day Weekend

Thank you for reading Staying Present for Mother’s Day Weekend. How are you at staying present in the moment? Do you find it challenging? Do you have any tips on how to keep staying present?

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3 responses to “Staying Present for Mother’s Day Weekend”

  1. Shannon Sawyer Avatar
    Shannon Sawyer

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Richard McGrath Avatar
    Richard McGrath

    It was great getting together on Mothers day !

  3. Linda Borden Avatar
    Linda Borden

    I think staying present in the moment has become a challenge as technology and electronics developed. A generation ago, a ringing land line could tease you away from a visit. But at least that was restricted to when you were indoors and at home. Still you were missing being present. Today’s cell phones and tablets are constantly demanding our attention. People eating in restaurants, walking in a park, being together at a gathering spend more time scanning the electonics than paying attention to the people or beautiful scenery. Making a conscientious effort to ignore the phone would help us be more present in the moment. One of your previos blogs touched on the invasion into life by technology. This is a good example of the device ruling the person.

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