Finding a New Perspective

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After three years of debating, two horrible experiences with my eye doctor, and one uncomfortable contact prescription, I went ahead and had LASIK surgery. As someone who was as blind as me without corrective lenses, I can finally say if I ever get lost in the woods and lose my glasses, I now have a chance of finding my way out. And well, if there was ever a horrible doomsday scenario that led to an absence of corrective lenses, I will now have a fighting chance at survival with my 20/20 vision. 

With LASIK, I quite literally changed my perspective on the world, or at least as vision goes. It reminded me that sometimes when we are stuck in the grind, the best way out is finding a new perspective. 

The Groundhog Grind

We may feel like we are in a groundhog grind, caught up in a loop of nonstop tasks every day, constantly struggling to keep up with it all. Whether it’s trying to keep our homes from looking like a disaster area, pushing to meet our work deadlines, or finding the time just to make a decent meal, our lives are often jampacked with countless responsibilities.

The Questions…

When we have a minute to look at it all, we think, something has to give. How do we fix it? What changes do we need to make?

Is it a new house or apartment?  Would a smaller home make it easier to clean or would a larger home give more space to organize?

Do I need a new job? Perhaps a better paying job that is stressful? Or maybe a less demanding job that pays less would help with the juggle?  Do I need to work remotely, or out of the office? Maybe an easier commute will fix it all? Is it time to go back to school or do I need another certification?

Do I need childcare? Do I need a Nanny or Daycare? Maybe I need to go back to work or do I need to quit my job?

Do I have to cook every night? Are frozen meals healthy enough? Can we wear our clothes more than once before washing so the laundry basket would stop overflowing??

When we are overwhelmed, the questions may be endless. We find ourselves zoomed in on the chaos, trying to find a way out. When we are so hyper-focused on figuring out how to fix it, and so caught up in our groundhog grind, we lose sight of the big picture. It becomes difficult to see the forest for the trees.

When we finally zoom out, we can take a fair survey of our lives. Sometimes we realize the answer is that there is nothing wrong at all. We may already have all the right pieces we want in life, it’s just a matter of looking at them differently. We must change our perspective. 

Changing Our Perspective

If you are feeling stuck in the groundhog grind, this week, try to spend some time changing your perspective. 

Look at the Big Picture

Take a step back and try to see the big picture. When we are zoomed in too closely on our day-to-day tasks it can get overwhelming. Try to zoom out so you can see what matters and all that is positive in your life. Maybe you are working towards a larger goal, or perhaps that little stuff that’s stressing you out isn’t as important as you thought.

Adapt a More Optimistic Viewpoint. 

Try to get the negativity out of your head and instead view things in a more positive way. Instead of looking at your week as full of impossible obstacles, try to look at your week and see the exciting challenges ahead of you. Believe in yourself that you have the tools and the will to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Do you know that colleague or client that is getting under your skin?  Instead of letting him or her ruin our week, we can look at them as a worthwhile challenge to overcome. To be able to get along with any type of personality is a skill worth learning. 

Find Gratitude

Instead of thinking about all the things you want or don’t have, appreciate all the wonderful things you do have in life. As Jen Sincer said, “Gratitude is one of the strongest and most transformative states of being. It shifts your perspective from lack to abundance and allows you to focus on the good in your life, which in turn pulls more goodness into your reality.” 

Listen to Others

One of the best ways to get a new perspective is by surrounding ourselves with people that have perspectives different from our own. We can listen to other viewpoints and learn how others see and experience the world around us. By surrounding ourselves with positive people, we can get a fresh perspective on life.

Find the Lesson 

In Inc., Nicolas Cole writes about finding the lessons in your current situation. Instead of playing the blame game about your situation, he shares you must look at yourself and find opportunities to learn.  Cole explains, “You are “successful” when you are walking your path, always learning, always growing. You are “doing what you love” when you see every moment as an opportunity.” By finding new opportunities in your current environment, you can make the best of your current circumstances. If you feel stuck at your job or current situation, this article is a great quick read!

Find What Works For You

Find what works for you to change your perspective. Often times it’s not the situation that needs changing, it’s just how you view it. Through the power of a new perspective, you can find your way out of the groundhog grind.

Thank You for Reading Finding a New Perspective

Thank you for reading Finding a New Perspective. Now I want to hear from you. Does finding a new perspective work for you? How do you change your perspective or find ways to maintain a positive outlook? 

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4 responses to “Finding a New Perspective”

  1. Richard McGrath Avatar
    Richard McGrath

    My father always said ” accentuate the positive ” !

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      Yes! It’s amazing what a positive viewpoint can do!

  2. Shannon Sawyer Avatar
    Shannon Sawyer

    So excited you got lasik!!!
    I like to check in with my gut to find new perspective

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      I love that you check in with your gut to find a new perspective. That is a great idea!

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