Top Ten Things to Do Before Winter is Over

Kids playing on swings in the snow

It’s official! Our favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, has declared six more weeks of winter.
Here are the top ten things to do before winter is over. 


  1. Eat Outside – Ideally at a restaurant with heat lamps. Just because it’s a little cold, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Have a Game Night – We just dusted off our games for the first time in three years, and it was lovely. There are so many fun new party games and so many good classics. My personal favorite classic is Taboo as of late.
  3. Sleep In – It’s dark in the morning, so why not spend a day (or days) sleeping in. You say you can’t sleep in anymore? That’s okay, just stay cuddled up in bed a little longer! And the most important part…don’t feel guilty about it.
  4. Bake Something New – There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked goods filling up your home. And of course, there’s the eating something delicious part too. Homemade goods are hands down better than what you can find in a package at the grocery store.
  5. Get Outside – Go for a walk, sled down a hill, or even make a snowman. There is nothing like the crisp air to wake you up and make you feel rejuvenated. If kids can go outside when it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you can too. And as they say, if you wear the right gear, it’s rarely too cold.
  6. Drink Hot Chocolate like a 3-year-old – Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and sip that childhood nostalgia with marshmallows on top please!
  7. Start Planning a Warm Vacation – On the coldest of days, there is nothing better to warm you up than to plan a getaway to someplace tropical. On a budget? Plan a staycation to a nearby lake or beach. Summer will be here before you know it. Start planning while you are still cozied up inside (and before all the good airbandb rentals disappear!).
  8. Self-Reflect – Slow down and spend some time self-reflecting. All of us need that occasional check in with ourselves to make sure what we value in life is what we are in fact doing. It’s easy to get carried away with life and lose sight of what we really want.
  9. Catch up with Old (or New) Friends – To my fellow millennials and to Gen Zs, when I say catch up with friends, I mean pick up that phone and call. I too am guilty of relying on text, but texting doesn’t make that real emotional connection like calling or getting together in person does. Brush off those old dialing skills and use that voice of yours to say hello!
  10. Do That Thing You Keep Meaning to Do – There’s always that thing we have on our list forever, but just never get to. Whether it’s because of lack of time, lack of desire, fear of failure, or downright procrastination, we just keep pushing it down the road…thinking we will do it tomorrow, next weekend, or next year. I encourage you, do that thing now. You will feel so much better.

We hope you enjoyed the Top Ten Things to Do Before Winter is Over!  We want to hear from you! What activities do you want to do before winter is over? What is your favorite part about winter?






3 responses to “Top Ten Things to Do Before Winter is Over”

  1. Richard McGrath Avatar
    Richard McGrath

    Ride in a horse drawn sleigh to a bonfire

    1. Meghan M Avatar

      Sounds like a blast!

  2. Shannon Z Sawyer Avatar
    Shannon Z Sawyer

    Walk through Central Park after a fresh snowfall!

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